1950s West German-made 1/2 Size Violin

Update 2015: This violin now has a brand-new set of steel-core (Super Sensitive-style, but not the same brand) strings installed, though they're not pictured here.

The same friend as in the last post brought this other 1/2 size violin of better quality (and later make) to get a setup, too. This one got a neck set (it was quite loose), soundpost set, vintage bridge addition, a bit of cleaning, spare vintage chinrest addition, and of course that setup -- this time with some vintage gut strings that were supplied in one of the cases I had from him. Score!

Compared to the 1/2 size in the post below this is many rungs up... it's well-built with a pretty-looking back, has a good warm sound despite its tiny size (probably thanks a bit to the gut strings), and has actual ebony fittings and a well-cut fingerboard. Fair enough: the kids will actually use this one to learn on.

Copious amounts of random brown paint splattered on the "lower bout" were removed during cleaning.

Pretty flamed back, pretty flamed neck... it's cute.

Not a very useful label but it does proclaim its W. German origins.