1984 Andrew Schroetter 1/2 Size Cello

This solid carved-top, carved-back cello is a 1/2 size model (24" scale length as opposed to 27") built in Mittenwald, Germany under the Schroetter name. It's labeled model 213 1/2. For what's essentially a student instrument it's quite well-made and high quality with pretty wood and good ebony fittings as well as a good-quality bridge. My only work was to fit a new soundpost, seat the bridge feet, restring it, and cleat the only crack on the instrument -- a small hairline at the top of the bass-side f-hole.

It sounds good but, like all small-size cellos, the low C string is lacking in the bottom end though the sound is evenly clear-toned throughout. I've used a set of Anton Breton perlon-core (Dominant-a-like) strings to warm the tone up, however, which has helped a lot vs. the incomplete steel-score set that was on this when I received it. Those Anton Breton strings can be had for about $30 on eBay and boy, what a difference that cost makes over having to splurge on "real" Dominants. The work was for a customer (a full-size person) and I'm hoping to convince her to invest in a better bow than the thin-sounding Glasser fiberglass one that came with it.

Everything is well-fit and the setup was almost "spot on" when it came in and only needed very minor adjustments.

Someone slotted the top of the bridge a little heavily but I let it go because I didn't want to charge the customer for extra, not really essential, work.

The ebony tail has 4 fine tuners.

The flame on the sides is rather good, too.

Nice flame, isn't it?