Upcoming Fun Stuff

I've been squirreling some of the donation funds away to procure interesting items to post on the blog to share with everyone. This is one of them! It's the 1935 Metropolitan Music Catalog and it has a ton of cool, weird, and curious information dwelling within it.

AcousticMusic.org has done a good job of scanning this same catalog but they only put up stuff pertaining to fretted instruments. There is so much more in here and thank you to everyone out there for making it possible to grab a copy for show. It's going to take me a long time to scan it but the curios throughout will be worth it and, of course, it'll be free to download as a quality PDF when done with (I'm hoping) notations on maker/origin of instruments in the file.

My plan is to scoop up a bunch of old catalogs as they become available and do this to more of them so we can preserve some of this stuff for reference.

In other news: later tonight you will be seeing several cool customer instruments including a '48 LG-2, a '30s Slingerland banjo-uke and a '74 Martin D-18... all with soundclips.


Anonymous said…
Ohhh Please!