Workshop: Uke Bridge Repair #2

This uke is actually all finished but I forgot about these pictures floating around. This is that uke that I had to glue a bridge plate/patch to in the last "workshop" post to cover a hole underneath the bridge's foot.

Step one after that patch glued up is to tape off the area that's exactly the size and location of where the bridge will go for proper intonation.

Next is handy-dandy "medium" viscosity super glue...

...which I wick into the hole.

Add powdered/sanding dust mahogany...

...rub in with your fingers...

...then let sit and repeat the process until the surface is built up. Let it sit for an hour, then sand off to the same level as the rest of the bridge area.

After that you can glue your bridge!

Note here that I've cut a good 1/16" off the bridge front and sanded it down to get the action lower when this is strung up. By making it a wedge shape I can retain the usefulness of the original back-end string loading, too. It also, at a a glance, means that this looks totally stock.