Yesterday's Blues

Yesterday was a quadrathalon! We had a small fire in our clapboards in the morning (freak accident), then music jam, then rebuilding that section of wall, and finally crating up a Hoosier cabinet for shipping... sheesh!

At any rate, your emails, calls, etc. are not being ignored. I'm setting aside a good chunk of time later today to get back to folks. We've been family-infested up here as well (fun) so I simply have not been keeping up with it.

Talk soon!

Also: jeez, there's nice stuff coming up: two 40s mahogany Martins, a customer's 5-15T tenor, a big old 000-size Regal flattop (fancy grade), and a customer's 30s Regal-made roundneck Dobro. This stuff is all so close to being done and I can't wait to post pics.