1950s Harmony-made Silvertone Baritone Uke

Yep... one more Harmony baritone. This has the bone nut and saddle which signify a 50s build. The mahogany is pretty stuff with some flame and curl... especially on the back. It came to me looking pretty clean except for an old hugely-botched attempted neck reset which had removed too much material and was looking to remove more. The solution was to shim it all up and reset it with a combination of glue and a big old bolt-through at the heel.

I didn't have bari strings on hand so this is wearing some stout classical guitar gauges instead. This means a much warmer/mellower G string... but hey, different is fun, too!

As typical the fretboard is Brazilian rosewood with brass frets and faux-MoP dots. This neck had a bit of warp in it which was, for the most part, removed during the leveling of the frets for all practical purposes.

I had to reglue the bridge wings and also do a tiny bit of adjustment for saddle height.

It's not fair that the sun isn't really out because the back does pop out a lot with some flame and curl all over.

The friction pegs work just fine.

The bolt-reinforced neck joint uses a strap button to hide the bolt on the outside. In this case, because the previous mucker-upper had essentially destroyed the bottom of the dovetail, I couldn't do an internally-hidden hanger-bolt style of neck bolting as there wasn't enough heel left to sink my bolt into safely. So... I had to go outside, instead. At least it simplifies adjustment if need be.

This has the usual tortoise binding on the top edge.