1900s Oak/Maple Student Snare Drum

This plain-Jane, thin-wood-rim snare drum has an oak shell with maple hoops and (seemingly) original skin heads. It's a cool little thing with an 11 1/2" diameter and has a mellow, woody (obviously), open sort of sound. It's perfect for a lone snare sound in an old-timey recording and it's extremely lightweight. It's just a fun, easy-on-the ears old snare... and it looks fantastic.

The tensioner/throwoff for the snare wires had collapsed into the rim and there was a wonky repair done to it previously. I addressed that damage (all glued back up) and also added a quickly-cut brass plate to mount it to for the outside of the rim. This is a lot sturdier than the original design.

I love the way this one looks. The deep maple hoops as well as the top-loaded lugs make it slightly awkward to play compared to a more modern snare (you have to play "down" into it)... but one gets used to just about anything, huh?


Unknown said…
I have recently acquired an antique (maybe vintage) 15"-16" wooden snare drum shell found by a friend in a barn in Michigan (?). It has no skin. Can you tell me anything about it, especially its value and the best venue through which to sell it?