1950s Carnival "Banjo" Plastic Mini-Uke

I forgot I'd taken photos of this cute little thing. It's a "banjo" variety of the usual Carnival plastic uke. The big difference with this one is that, unlike the average soprano versions, this really is more of a toy. It has a "sopranino" scale length (smaller than soprano) and the neck has some warp in it that means it only plays decently for the first five frets before it bottoms out here and there.

I'm tempted to try some "real" very-light uke strings on it, however, to tune it up to CFAD or something like that. As a bonus? These are some of the only instruments you can gladly put in snow to take photos of.

The red nylon fishing-line strings are very cool but they're certainly awful. They're all the same thickness!

The back is "bowling ball" plastic in color.

...and who can resist an original box?


Anonymous said…
Should you ever want to sell this toy Banjo, I'd be interested in it, please feel free to contact me at danscaretaker@hotmail.com thanks, Godspeed, DanO'