1990s Korean-made Sigma DM1ST-N Dreadnought Guitar

This is a customer's guitar that was in for a fret level/dress, crack repair, and light setup. Despite being strung with mediums it's held up well and my only adjustments on the setup side were to add string ramps at the bridge and lower the nut slots. Otherwise it was nearly spot-on.

I'm guessing it's a 90s Sigma because I'm not sure if they were made in Korea beyond that and the label is a later-style one. It's got a solid spruce top and (probably) laminate mahogany back and sides. Tone-wise it's reminiscent of a 70s Martin, to my ears, with more focus on the mids and highs than on a big thumpy low.

Rosewood headstock veneer.

Like on many Asian-import guitars, the fretboard is bound in black.

The rosewood bridge is good quality and the new "string ramps" (cut like on new Martin guitars) give a good deal better back-angle on the saddle.

The most inexcusable bit on the guitar (and many Asian-import guitars pre-2005ish) are the cheesy tuners. Boy, I can't stand these units. I'll see if I can talk the owner into putting even a set of modern $14 Kluson repros... they'd be miles better than these.


Unknown said…
I have a DM-1ST exactly like this one, serial starts with 951 .... awesome sounding guitar!
Unknown said…
I have the Sigma DM 1ST N just like that. But my serial number starts with 950.
I purchased it in 1995. But my understanding is that they stopped making them in Korea in 1994.