2012 Eastwood Hi-Flyer Electric Bass

This is a nearly-new Eastwood Hi-Flyer that was traded into me. It even had its pickguard protective film still on it (which I removed). I did a quick setup and cleaning on it and it looks like it could still be hanging on a rack at your local dealer's shop. There's only the most minor use-wear from light playing.

The previous owner just didn't like short scale instruments. I do, fortunately, and find this "Mosrite" or "Ventures" or "Univox" style bass right up my own alley. The reverse-offset body design shoves the neck right into your hand and the shorter 30 1/2" scale means that body style gives this a very electric guitar feel. That's a good thing, in my book, as it eliminates longer-show fatigue.

The neck is set (rather than bolted) into a body with a "German carve" edge to the top. This is pretty cool. Add to that a couple of P-90 style pickups (nominally -- they're a little cleaner-sounding than your average P-90 -- a good thing for bass) with a 3-way switch and you've got a pretty wide tonal palette. The "both on" selection actually reminds me of a more articulate P-bass sound. Interesting!

Eastwoods generally come loaded with decent tuners and these sealed small units work just fine.

The rosewood fretboard feels nice and the neck shape is sort of a Gibson-y medium C. It's slim but comfortable. The frets didn't need any work and are basically brand-new.

Underneath the bridge cover is a P-bass style adjustable unit which makes setup really easy.

The body is the usual basswood while the neck is maple. You can't see it at all, however, through that big old white finish.

It comes with a thin but functional gigbag, too.


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