Workshop: Workshop Upgrade

Over the last few weeks I've been despairing, despairing, despairing about lack of space in my workshop and, as usual, it's my true love Bonnie who figures it out for me. "Why not build storage?" Well, duh, why not? So... the last two days I've been full steam ahead on reworking the workshop to make it both spacious in its smallness and very practical for storage and also reworking the instrument side of our physical store space to accommodate a growing Saturday jam session (as well as freeing the piano from the shackles of "loading up" with clutter).

If you've been in the cave of a workshop before, you can easily see the upgrade advantages of my $25 worth of wood investment in building a storage rack for the 40+ cases and instruments littering the place.

The "fizz" is the ultrasonic humidifier keeping things cozy. This rack is both "light repair priority" and "finished awaiting pickup." The stuff hanging on the walls is my own assortment of downstairs toys. Hands off!

I've actually recovered so much useful space that I'm thinking of bringing my drill press and bandsaw in at some point so I don't have to brave the frigid garage area when I just need to cut something quickly.

My desk is now pushed into that funky storage alcove and is in good company with my own gigbags, recording gear, and stash of instrument-grade wood tucked in the corners. This lowly piece of oak desk is where the last 4+ records have been cut.

Family artwork decorates the wall and will hopefully expand everywhere. I still have to rehang a bunch of pictures but that's coming along.

As for what gets on the cutting table first? Kazoo and Banjo, of course. They say their coats are in much need of "fretwork" and "setup."


Anonymous said…
So that's why that National wasn't mentioned as a customer's instrument or listed for sale... Nice!
Jake Wildwood said…

Well, it was a customer's instrument, but we're both leaving richer in the end... in different ways. :D
Jim from Lincoln said…
Excellent upgrade on the workshop, Jake-- enjoy your new found space!