1930s Martin 1C Concert Ukulele

It's not every day that 1930s/40s (it's up for debate on this one) Martin concert ukes come walking in for a setup, but this one did -- and it's up in Waitsfield getting play at a gig while I type this. I wish I had time to record a clip of this as it has that sparkly, sweet tone ideal for fingerpicking. And the back-story? The current "owner" of this was given it as a "long term musical loan" now 20 years ongoing.

After a light cleaning, new strings, and a hair of setup at the nut and saddle, it plays perfectly. That's what Martins tend to do even many years on -- no real fuss!

Materials are solid mahogany throughout, a rosewood board, mahogany bridge, and ebony nut and saddle. This uke has the mid-30s and over tortoise celluloid binding, too, which always looks good matched to mahogany.

Tiny little frets!

The bridge slots are a bit worn but still handle the strings just fine.

I'm fairly sure the tuners aren't original, though they sure are older.


Mark said…
Nice old Martin ukulele. I have one just like it on ebay right now and it's begging at my current low starting price of $875.00, bot the vintage market is in the toilet, this should be fetching at least $1400.00 with no problems. I should just cancel it and put it back in the safe for awhile.