1967 Martin 00-28C Classical Guitar

It's not every day that someone walks in with a Brazilian rosewood-bodied Martin classical they're itching to sell. This 00-28C was made in '67 and even comes with its original hang tags! No cracks, no fretwear, only needing new strings and a light setup... what more could you want? Maybe the original hard case? Yeah, that, too.

Compared to the mahogany-bodied 00-16C from '71 I just recently sold, this one is many steps fancier and has a different feel, too. As this is from '67, it has "Martin scale" (25.4") rather than the longer 26"+ classical scale, a slightly fuller C shape to the neck but a thinner nut (at 2"), and of course the gorgeous rosewood body gives this a "red wine" sound, to boot. It sounds like... a quality classical guitar! Rich, warm without being boomy, and full-sounding with a lot of sweet clarity.

There is a minor amount of scratching and some finish disturbance (probably from humidity/heat in case) here and there... and of course the usual small weather-checking... but overall this guitar is very pretty and in fine condition.

Rosewood headstock veneer. The original nut and saddle are some form of synthetic.

This has a flat-profile ebony board and side-dots only.

Well, you can't get around it: style 28 sure is classy!

I lowered the saddle just a smidge and strung this up "ball end" style. This is my personal preference as it gets more down-pressure on the saddle vs tie-off. Tie-off will work fine, though, of course. The strings are D'Addario Pro-Artes in normal tension.

...and from the back? Totally seductive.

This has that "Martin volute," of course. Overall the whole guitar feels sturdy in the good sense: quality, rugged, substantial, but very alive.

There's some of this on the back and a tiny bit more on one of the sides. I think it's humidity/heat case disturbance to the finish. It doesn't take a lot to disturb the thin finishes, that's for sure...

I was lucky to have a gorgeous (finally warm!) day to get these photos done. You can see how the finish glows over that popping-out rosewood.

Here's a bit of a 3/4 view so you can see some of the top finish scratching and weather-check a little better. It's not too obvious from the front.

Original hang tag (sold for $370 new!) and warrant card, included. How 'bout that?

...also dead old strings in a music store baggie...

...and the original, arched, hard case with plush blue lining. It's a nice'n and it's in great shape.