2010 Martin 00-15M Flattop Guitar

The serial number dates this Martin to 2010... and it looks brand-new. Update here: there's "right arm" minor polishing of the top on the lower bout bass side. Just noticed that. This will be up for sale from the original owner. It only has the very lightest wear to the first-position frets and that's it. After a quick setup/adjustment, it was ready to roll out of the packing box. What do I think? Punchy, loud, easy and enjoyable to play, and all that sort of practical stuff you'd expect from a modern, fully-solid American-made Martin.

It's got that typical mahogany tone: mids-focused with a creamy top-end and tight bass. This makes it great for robust strumming or folky flatpicking and fingerpicking as clarity is always maintained and when you drive it hard a "compressed" tone is engaged rather than a "distressed" or "overdriven" tone. I like.

You can read to your heart's delight about specs at the Martin website but they're basically the same as vintage 15-series models: solid mahogany body and neck with a rosewood morado bridge and board. Modern upgrades include both a bone nut and compensated bone saddle as well as ebony pins all around.

Compared to vintage instruments, the diamond pearl inlays are a bit of a step up, too.

Satin is always a good look on modern guitars...

The Sta-Tite-style tuners are accurate, smooth, and quality.

An older 00-size hard case comes with the guitar.


Unknown said…
The 15M was new in 2010 with a morado fingerboard and bridge. They look really distinctive in the photos.

Definitely one of my favorite Martins. Kinda like Kenneth Pattengale's, or is his an O-15?
Jake Wildwood said…
Roger, I thought it wasn't quite rosewood. I guess the new ones have RW. Thanks on that.
Unknown said…
Well, technically morado is called Peruvian rosewood so I guess we're both right.
Jake Wildwood said…
You can tell my bread and butter work is buried 50+ years ago, huh? :D