Resource: 1954 Kay Guitar Catalog PDF

Mr. Mulkern provided this catalog to me which he grabbed off of a Kay message board a while back as a public domain item. Very cool! Thanks for sharing! The best bit about this is access to the "actual" Kay model numbers. I've so often handled old Kays where the model number was stamped in the back of the instrument incorrectly: ie, a K-22 stamp on a K-15 or the like. Who knows why -- but at least this will help clear that stuff up. If anyone knows who scanned this for all of us, please let me know and I'll credit the source.

These are hosted at my Google Drive account but may be downloaded freely. Enjoy! Please share, save, host elsewhere, mirror them, and keep them in the public sphere for free use.


Seonachan said…
Have you ever seen one of those electric baritone ukes? Too cool!