1966 Levin-made Goya G-17 Classical Guitar

This is a customer's guitar and the backstory is that a local friend of mine had asked about what sort of classical I'd recommend. This is it! I pointed this one out on fleaBay and said "offer something and go for it." It came yesterday and I did a quick bridge reglue, brace reglue (3 on the back), fret level/dress and setup and it's got that classic, big old Goya/Levin tone. Can't beat these for bang/buck on the classical market. They're simply well-built guitars.

Unlike the slightly-smaller G-10, G-13, and G-15 models (which are more comon), the G-17 has the larger 15" lower bout (like a wide-waist 000-size) body of the fancier Goyas which contributes to bigger bass response and a wider tonal palette. The bracing is super-lightweight on this one so I decided to use a light tension nylon set on it after doing the work. It plays just like you'd like it to with 3/32" action at the 12th fret and a smooth, easy feel.

I love the weather-checked and worn-in look to the finish on this guy. It looks respectable and there are no real cracks aside from a 4" one at the treble side of the bridge which I've cleated.

The comfy flattened-C neck is 3-piece mahogany/maple/mahogany with a "duraluminum" non-adjustable truss rod installed under the board. The board and bridge are both Brazilian rosewood.

The soundhole rosette is nice, fancy, but restrained. Unlike a bling-heavy Spanish-style rosette, these Swedish-made classicals are a bit more elegant. I like that fretboard extension, too.

After reglue, the bridge needed a light shave near the saddle area to be able to cut the saddle down. Like usual, I've strung the bridge with "balled ends" on the strings rather than standard classical-style tied ends. This gives a bit more back-pressure on the saddle and cleans up tone.

Can't complain too much about the multicolored purfling, either.

The solid mahogany back and sides look great.


Unknown said…
I just got one at an antique store for $75. It is in great shape except the bridge has been re-glued. Is there a way to check how well it will hold before I restring it?