1970s Giannini AWN-300 Classical Guitar

This is a fun old Giannini that was brought in for sprucing-up. It had a side-seam impact crack that got repaired and while it was here I also planed the fretboard (to get rid of warp) and refretted it with medium frets. For an all-laminate guitar (spruce over rosewood) it sounds light, airy, and fantastic. It's a perfect, practical guitar for samba or flamenco sounds but does "folky fingerpicking" just fine, too.

These guitars were made in Brazil and while the company is more or less around in some form or another, most Gianninis up here that're actually made in Brazil date to the 60s and 70s. I'm guessing this is a 70s model.

I made a new nut as well.

Don't you love that headstock carving?

The rosewood used on the board is such pretty stuff.

During setup the bridge needed a light shaving to bring action down. I also usually string classicals with balled-up/knotted ends rather than tied-over ends to get better back-angle on the saddle.

I know it's laminate, but that sure is a pretty choice for it!

All the binding is wood.


Unknown said…
Do you have true certeza about the code model?