1982 Daion Savage Electric Guitar

This guitar is also owned by the same friend as the last (Garcia-ish) posting. It's (another) twin-humbucker guit with a hardtail, strange body shape, and 80s vibe. This one's been done over by artist-fellow Robert Gold with a street scene from Rutland, VT. It was in for light setup and mild dressing of the frets.

My thoughts? Great-feeling and sturdy Daion neck, typical Strat-hum tone, but still a lot of fun when boosted into fuzz on a tube amp.

Daions are always painfully well-made instruments. The whole "cost to pricing" ratio didn't work out for the company which is why they went under!

Rosewood board with pearl dots... and medium frets.

I like me them giant brass saddles. I wish more makers used brass individual saddles in your standard hardtail bridge parts. I've always liked the sound of the stuff.