Ephemera: Gal & Gitter (1950s)

Apparently, this photo was dated to the 50s, but it can almost pass for 20s or 30s. The guitar, of course, is very cool and older. What is it, exactly? European, maybe? The radiused fretboard is interesting.


NickR said…
That guitar looks very central European- what one might describe as "German". The dot markers and what may be the cut off in the fingerboard strengthen this opinion. As for the age- it could be much older than the 1950s but Melodija Menges- based in Slovenia, then part of Yugoslavia were making guitars just like this up until the early 1960s and I own two. Great sounding boxes and sold for mere pennies- even these guitar/vintage crazy days. Menges was known as Mannsburg when Slovenia was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and German was the "official" language