1980s? Shure 520D "Green Bullet" Microphone

Well, I used this mic a lot as a secondary mic for shows where it'd have effects tied to it for interesting sounds (or for our harp player from time to time). Since I've been playing mostly natural-sounding stuff "out" for the past couple years, however, this has only come out at recording time.

I'm pretty sure this is an 80s model 520D and made in Mexico -- but it has use-wear that gives it the look of a classic 50s model and looks great on an old mic stand with chrome goosneck. It also sounds like the old models as it uses the same-style element ("controlled magnetic microphone") and high output into a 1/4" jack (stick it in your amp, harpies!). The new Green Bullets simply are not "Green Bullets" anymore as they use a modern dynamic capsule instead (like an SM57 or similar). It's a totally different sound. This has the classic honk.

This comes with a nice long cable and is in entirely good order.

Basically -- totally cool! I'm listing below cost to me.