2001 Martin HD-28 Dreadnought Guitar

I feel like I'm at the Opry! D-28s are nice rigs. HD-28s are even nicer with that plus-Herringbone and this one has been played-in enough so that it can "cut the mustard"  with ease. I can easily see Mr. Tubb thumping on it. This one is a friend's guitar and I felt like I should snap some pics and get a soundclip (on my new-to-me Sennheiser MK4, for reference) before I pack it up and send it home.

A while back I did a bit of setup work on this (and maybe the frets?) as I recall. This time around I swapped out the undersaddle pickup for a K&K Pure 3-sensor doohickey and set it up lightly again. It's a cannon and the guitar, to my ears, feels extremely happy to not have a tone-sapping element sitting under its saddle.

Oh, right! This originally had the bigger-size "Martin" tuners. One was missing a back-cap and I happened to have this nice set of mini-button Schallers on hand so I did the swap. The weight-savings at the headstock is immediately noticeable, the look is a bit cleaner, and this set seems a bit more accurate as well.

I lightly string-ramped the bridge to get a bit of extra back-angle on the saddle.

I like volutes -- you?