Vermont Life Note #1

Today we're doing a heavy Spring cleaning around the store building. One of the old outbuildings is finally going to come down sometime soon and I'm thankful for that. It's a bit terrifying -- The Leaning Shed of Rochester. We've been at it all day moving piles of old lumber (as in, late 1800s old for some of it) and having that special kind of "sunny day bonfire" to be rid of the punky and bug-rotten old stuff. Feels good after schlepping stuff all over.

Maybe grilled cheese and picking after closing? Or perhaps more barnboard guitars are in order? We'll see.

I did finally manage to glue up a bunch of maple laminate blanks for electric guitar necks. Getting excited about that... and getting excited by a whole lot of cool customer gear to finish up in the near-term. There's a gorgeous old Weymann parlor guitar, multiple Kalamazoo KG-14 type guitars (and a 12 fret version of the same), more old Martins hiding in the woodwork, and several Kay-made, National-coned resonator guitars (40s/50s) in the works as well. It's a happy herd.