1940s-50s National Fingerpicks

I tend to hoard old guitar picks I glean from cases. These National picks are all from one older (late 30s) Hawaiian guitar's case (they've been in a drawer for a few years, now) and I date them from between the mid-40s and the early 50s, I'd guess. The two on the "left" look like 40s-era picks to me, but I can't be sure. The ones on the right look more like 50s ones. If you want to hurt your brain and identify correctly you can browse types at this page on old Nat'l picks!

Either way, these are popular picks for the vintage reso folk, and at $15 a pop (or more) these days they're getting pricey.

I'm including a same-era old thumbpick as well.

I'm guessing that these simply weren't used by the owner as they look new-old-stock to me!