1950s Bell System 1x4 Speaker Cabinet

This cute little speaker cab -- the speaker is a 4" mount -- has been hanging around here waiting for me to do something with it. I certainly haven't gotten around to that so it's now up for grabs (at below cost). My plan was to mount an Orange Micro Terror in the rear and put some sort of Jensen-sounding 4" speaker in it and some decent connector cables. That'd make it a nicely-loud, take-anywhere little blues-box sort-of amp: can we say: hello harp players? I'm guessing that it was probably originally used to test telephone systems on a work truck. It's just a guess.

It's a cool thing... very sturdy and "aircraft" looking with the baked-on finish and cool handle.

The original back panel was long gone when I bought this and the original speaker is shot -- the cone is bad. Still... can't you picture that Micro Terror or a home-brew little tube amp in there?


Anonymous said…
Hi: Bell speaker cabinet handle looks like a kitchen drawer pull. What ya think?
Lucas said…
Do you still have it? I'd honestly be interested in it, in case you haven't used it for anything yet!