Ephemera: June Roundup (1870s-1920s)

I figured I'd start condensing 'ephemera' posts as I always have a lot of it plucked to share. First off -- a nice 1870s/80s 'mistrel banjo' shot of a fretless with... a harmonica holder! Talk about early "folk boom," eh? Next up...

Here's a 1918 shot of, supposedly, an American band in Paris. I don't think so! Those are distinctly French-built tenor banjos and I don't know too many Americans who would've donned the hairdo the fella on the left is pulling off.

This is an interesting shot above because it's a "travel photo" of, apparently, a Vaudeville act of vocals and banjo-uke (a duo). Obviously, they made many friends.

The instruments make this one! Looks like two Gibson carved-tops, a Bacon or Gretsch high-quality tenor banjo (or two), someone's borrowed old 1890s Washburn bowlback, and a nice-looking old pyramid-bridge 00-size guitar.

One must also never rule out the "girl with a uke on the bumper" shot. Classic 20s.


Amahl_Shukup said…
...and two desk-style dingers to boot! I've seen those at hotels to "ding" for service, but never as a double-barreled music device. Maybe I'll add one of those on the ground when I'm playing hammer dulcimer. And then again...uh, maybe not. DING DING DING DING... nah, I'll pass.