Summer case lot, anyone?

I have a couple neat cases hanging around. First up is this guy! This one went out with an old Weymann guitar last year and returned this year in trade. He'd since found other lodgings for his guitar. The "family lore" goes that this was from an old Washburn parlor, c.1900 or so. It's certainly possible that it fit one of the smaller Washburns as it fits my own Lyon & Healy parlor from around the time (though, I have to say, I already have a case for that one).

Note the embossed design extras and the arched lid.

Interior dimensions are -- 36 1/2" length, 13" lower bout, 10 1/4" upper bout, 19 1/2" body length, and 3 1/2"+/- body depth. It's in good-to-travel shape, though definitely shows use.

The large compartment is nice.

Here's the back.

Update: this tenor case is now sold. Case #2 is an old tenor banjo hard case, also in good-to-go format, with no seams creeping and whatnot.

This one is for a 1920s resonator-style tenor and has interior dimensions of 33" length, 4" depth, and 14" resonator/rim width.

Don't mind the loose sandy stuff in the case. I haven't cleaned either of these but they're not icky.

Everything's healthy on this guy. It just needs an instrument to house.


Amahl_Shukup said…
Jake, do you think the guitar case would house the Harmony f-hole archtop you recently restored for me? If so, what are you asking for it? -- Bill in Tennessee
Amahl_Shukup said…
Oh, and write me at my gmail address, please.