Vermont Life Note #4

July is always the wildest month here in Rochester. Not only are there tons of "open air" shows to play at but tourist season is in full swing and visitors abound. Here's our group "The Three Good Eggs" performing at Friday's farmer's market in town. The archtop I'm playing is that fretless bass and boy am I happy with it.

Every 4th of July the jam band ("Whoever Shows Up") plays a loud rocky set on the park. It's an institution, now, and it's always fun to play for the town right after the parade and a reading by "old man Harvey" of the Declaration of Independence.

Speaking of the parade, here's a float that Oona entered into the competition!

Classic fire trucks are always a must, too.

The above shot is actually of the local bell choir... on a float... and playing. Intense, right?

This is the White River Valley Players float.

The bakery simply let their cupcakes and muffins out for a stroll!

Here's Smokey the Bear next to Smokey the Barbeque.

In our town, firefighters rush to emergencies with bags of sweets.

The Grandies are up and taking care of the pink duo.

So, Happy 4th say Elsa and m'selfa!


Amahl_Shukup said…
Ah, that is so reminiscent of ourdoor gigs I've played around the Knoxville, TN area. A couple of Civil War reenactments, craft fairs, fund-raising picnics, adult literacy events, etc. Carry on, Jake, carry on.
Jake Wildwood said…
I love outdoor shows, even if the $$ is often not as concentrated, shall we say. I'm hoping the farmer's market thing is a usual deal so we can use it as our practice space.