Workshop: Buzzoo Too?

My kazoo-bugles have been getting lots of play around the house and sometimes during jams... but I knew I needed to go crazier. Those have a nice sound but are only about as loud as a clarinet when pumped. Obviously I needed more power, right?

Enter this contraption... which is a quickly-mated hacked-up Kazobo (cool in itself) mated to an old Victrola-style horn. I actually did do a bit of fitting on the inside of the Kazobo's horn-remains to keep it airtight, but I enthusiastically support anyone else in making one of these oddball instruments. It's totally friggin awesome and will easily compete, volume-wise, with decent brass -- especially humming in trumpet territory. It's alarmingly loud indoors but all that power means you can also play it very quietly and have lots of "headroom" to play with effects.

The Kazobos have resonators on either side of the mouthpiece which means that doing harmonica-style "coverups" over the resonator ports can dramatically alter tone from a warm, breathy trombone sound to (totally uncovered) absurd, shrill, trumpet effects.

I can't wait to get this thing on stage sometime...