1977 Guild F112 Mini-Jumbo 12-String Guitar

Small confession: these smaller-bodied (15 1/4") "mini-jumbo" Westerly-made Guild 12s are my favorite 12-string model found in mass production. They've got professional-grade build and stability and are a convenient and comfortable size to play. Something about the 000 body width combined with the dreadnought-depth sides also gives the big palette of the 12-string sound a gorgeous, crisp focus that makes them easily "punch" in group settings and record oh-so-easily.

This one came in beautiful shape save a needed light fret level/dress, truss adjustments, nut and saddle height adjustments (as well as string ramps), and restringing. The soundclip above is tuned down a step because I was coming over from open D to record and didn't want to fuss -- though I set it up at standard E-E and it sings happily up there as well. There are no cracks, the finish is very clean (save a little use wear), and the guitar is quite healthy with a straight neck. It plays spot-on, too.

The top is bookmatched but the sideways light is catching the grain funny. It's not really darker on one side than the other.

Like other Guild 12s, this has double truss rods installed.

The radiused rosewood board has no markers but there are side dots.

The saddle had to be dropped fairly low but there's a tiny bit of room to squeeze it lower if need-be. I string-ramped behind it, though, which gave much better back-angle for the strings over the saddle.

The mahogany is pretty stuff.

The bridge was securely glued but there was a 1mm separation just at the very back edge (measured it) due to tiny top deflection. I see this a lot on even brand-new guitars. At any rate, I filled/sealed it just to clean up the look. Perfectly good to go...

Hah -- my camera was running out of power and the display was out so the shot is off -- but yes, it includes a presumably-original hard case in very good shape.