1981 Daion L-99 Legacy Flattop Guitar

This is a friend's guitar and he brought it in today for a quick setup and K&K pickup install. It was in pretty good shape when it arrived but needed the nut slots filled and re-slotted, a shave and compensation addition to the saddle, and some string ramps notched into the bridge. It's quite the guitar, now, and plays spot-on.

I worked on the same type of guitar for a customer a while back (see link for company/model info) and was in love with the feel and tone of it and this one is just as good or better. You get a very "Martin" vibe from the longer scale, neck shape and bracing but with much more of a rugged-mids sound. Part of that is the cedar top on these and part of that is the super-L-00 body shape (basically it feels like a 14-fret L-00 in the lap but with a long scale and extra inch of width on the lower bout).

Top is solid cedar, back and sides are ovangkol, and the bridge and board are rosewood. This one is all-original as far as I can tell.

The big tuners aren't to my taste but they work just fine. I'll convince the owner to swap em out someday for butterbeans or the like...!