1980s? Finnish Small Kantele

This is one of those things that you just don't expect to walk in the door: a Finnish kantele of the modern (or "small") variety. As someone who's read the Kalevala backwards and forwards, I was aware of the "pike's jawbone harp" of mythology, but have never had one on-hand to pick a few notes on.

A local lady purchased it for the princely sum of $5 at a yard sale and brought it in for a replacement string -- which I popped on. The 5-string variety seems to be tuned to a diatonic scale -- for instance one in D would be tuned D, E, F#, G, A. When seeing how it sounded I tuned it up to a simple C scale and thought -- hey, not a bad sound! I'm guessing this was bought as a tourist item some years ago -- 70s? 80s? Who knows for sure. Still, pretty fun.

This one has "made in Finland" marked inside and that would've been slightly obvious, anyhow, considering the traditional woods used (birch and spruce).

A simple pin holds the strings.