1976 Martin D-35 Dreadnought Guitar

Yet another customer "workhorse," this guitar came in for a fret level/dress and general setup. A yucky undersaddle pickup was also removed and this was a 50% tone enhancer on its own. I can't say enough how much those rob your guitar's top of needed energy.

I like 70s Martins more and more and more as I work on a lot more of them coming in for years of wear and tear to be ameliorated. This one has had a previous neck reset and bridge shave and so it came in "pretty decent" but definitely needed some sprucing-up to get it to potential and playing happily. D-35s generally sound nice and I'm happy to report that this one does, too. They can be a bit rumbly in front of a mic but that makes for a wonderful presence in a room.

This guitar shows years and years of loving playwear and usewear and the whole finish has both yellowed with age and bleached (the rosewood in particular) to a nice "desert" look.

The Grover Rotos aren't my favorite but at least they're working correctly. So many older ones are worn-out.

Aside from setting the saddle height (it was already compensated nicely), I also string-ramped behind it and added some new ebony pins.

Don't you love the "bleached" look to that rosewood? I find it attractive in that "familiar old tool" way. The finish is also crackled and weather-checked throughout which I also love to see.

The pickup jack is now just a glorified endpin.