1999/2007 Fender American "Coodercaster" Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Pretty fun, no? This is a Fender American Strat that's been customized into a "Coodercaster" style rig. This means it's got a genuine humbucking "Gold Foil" pickup in the neck that's paired with a Lollar-made single coil lap steel-style pickup that reminds me very much of old late-40s Gibson steel pups. Since the Lollar dates to 2007 I'm guessing that's when the modding was done.

This just came in for consignment yesterday and my only work aside from cleaning it was a general going-over and setup with a fresh set of 10s. It plays effortlessly and has gorgeous, lingering sustain. The pickups are awfully nice, too, with that brash vaguely Tele-like (but with more chomp) tone at the bridge and a warm, sweet, and balanced tone at the neck. I'm not as much of a fan of the more jangle-pangle mid-position on the 3-way switch, but it would certainly have its uses for strummed chords.

The body looks like alder to me... with the nice old two-tone look to the finish. The pickguard is an Allparts replacement.

This has your typical fast, 1 11/16" Fender American neck profile. It's quick and easy. Note the wood plug for the truss and also the more modern-style string trees (a plus). The tuners are sealed Fender units.

The board shows only a minor amount of finger-wear here and there and the frets were in great shape. I only had to take a few barbs off of the ends of them from dryness shrinking. Not bad for 15+ years of service...

The original Gold Foil is pretty awesome...

...but that Lollar pup is also very hip, too.

The finish is in mostly-excellent shape but there's a bit of use-wear here and a couple light scratches on the side (not obvious). The neck has one little dark spot on its back but is otherwise flawless.

In addition to the serial at the headstock, the neck is stamped October 1999 at its butt, too.

Someone did a great job blending that oblong Gibson-ish pup.

It comes with a (presumably original) Fender American thermoplastic hard case. Fits like a glove.

I was surprised to see mini-pots under there but they work just fine.

Here's the back of that original Gold Foil -- just as I'd expect it to look when pulled off an old Teisco or the like...!

I replaced the foam pickup spacer under the Lollar before reinstalling it so that it'd move up/down more smoothly.

You can see it has a soapbar P-90 mounting style...