Hoo-boy, another two workshop days passed-by and nothing to show for it -- on the blog, anyhow!

I've actually had my hands full with on-the-spot setups, minor repairs, and a whole lot of visiting musician-types (good to meet you, re-greet you, and see you again, of course) but I'll try to take pictures of the latest repairs sometime tomorrow. With the sun setting sooner I've been having trouble getting out the door for that "perfect afternoon light" that shows off this stuff at its best.

Among other curiosities, a customer of mine stopped by with not one but two Kalamazoo KTG-14s (one's the GT-2 Cromwell version) that will be up for sale in the sooner-time. Other highlights in the upcoming inventory include a bunch of consigned "ethno axes" of the Latin American variety, more old Gibson and Martin flattops (there's a very clean 00-18 near the bench) and in the very near future that Nat'l style 0 will be fixed-up and gracing the wall.

On the customer repair side -- oh, man -- there are two substantially-rare and interesting instruments that I'm thankful to have in-shop. You'll know them when you see them.