Workshop Note #7

Today I spent most of the work day adding hangers to one of our beams in the shop and organizing, organizing, organizing! The reason for the new hangers was to line the beam as a "coming soon" rack -- these are all instruments that will be up for sale at some point in the near-ish future. There's more, of course, but I figure I can rotate the others in as these get spruced-up.

Here's the other side...

...and here's the main display area. That poor piano is getting covered!

Anyone spot that luscious 000 on the right? It's a 1996 Froggy Bottom with koa back and sides that just came in today (pics/clip tomorrow). Hot!

Last month a kind soul dropped off this "transfer station" find free of charge. It was pretty gross but after a heap of cleaning this old Estey pump organ (made in Brattleboro, VT) is making sweet music at our jams. I may record basslines on it for an album in the future, too. It's fun.

As a side note: does anyone in the area need junker parts? I have boxes full of free random spare parts (like 60s-80s import guitar tuners, random hardware), sheet music, amp/weirdo speakers, old electronic tuners, old capos, and the like. Please take them away!

Tomorrow I hope to grab some lumber and build a new "customer repair storage" rack in the workshop to supplement my already-large rack and get more cases and instruments off the floor. It's getting a bit wild but I certainly do appreciate all the work, everyone!


Anonymous said…
Don't hurt us Jake. Viewers do not click on the photos of the line ups of instruments to enlarge them. Doing so results in a massive G.A.S. attack.
Ian said…
Great to see all the inventory up for repair.

I am waiting on a sound file & report on the repairs to the 1930s Regal LeDomino 0-size guitar when its turn comes around!