2000s Ibanez AEG4JP Black 00-Size Acou/Elec Guitar

Ah, student guitars. This cheap-but-functional item walked in the shop on Saturday and I gave it a cleaning, new strings, and a setup on Sunday... and now it awaits its next chord-banger to give it a home. Make no mistake: this is a Chinese-made, all-laminate, cheap-piezo-equipped instrument but like a lot of these -- once they're setup -- they do play just fine and have a tone that will get a student (or beach-comber, camping-type player) going for the first few years until their ears perk up at equipment of a fancier nature.

The most interesting thing about the guitar is that it's sized a lot like an L-1 with its "shrunken mini jumbo" 00-size shape (14 1/4" on the lower bout) but the longer 25 1/2" scale and 14-fret joint give it a modern feel on the neck side. It's a good compromise, though, methinks -- as the most common complaint I get from younger or learning players about "beginner guitars" is that the bodies (often dreadnought-shaped) are just too large. This isn't -- it fits "just so." A good idea.

Rosewood fretboard and bridge... with binding on the top, back, and board edges.

This box is x-braced and I've strung it up with 50w-11 John Pearse 80/20s.

The piezo unit at the bridge is -- uninspiring -- but it'd get you by with a bit of EQ in a pinch. I'm glad that it's passive and has reasonably high output. Raise your hand if you can't stand changing batteries in a guitar...?

These simple "screw on" endpin jacks are actually a lot less fuss than the "tidier-looking" variety we're used to seeing (that tend to come loose and rattle nuts, washers, and whatnot).