Workshop: 1944 Gibson J-45

Missed out on the '43 J-45 or the '46 Southern Jumbo? How about this one? It's a '44 mahogany-topped (yes! super rare) J-45 and is crack-free, has a decent neck angle, and all-tight bracing but has some other issues.

The original bridge is split and has been setup since the 50s (I'm assuming) with a tailpiece (as that's the age of the tail). Fortunately, I scored a number of what appear to be NOS 50s Gibson "straight" bridges that have almost the exact same cut and are -- Brazilian rosewood! One of those is already gluing up on this'n.

The most offensive bit is that someone oversprayed the neck -- and right on the fretboard, too! Because the frets are pretty worn as well, I'll be refretting this so a fret pull and board level/dress is the first step, here...

The back of the neck has overspray, too. It's yellowy from aging but I think I will leave this or sand/buff it down to a "speed neck" if the next owner desires.

Not so ugly up here...!

As of posting this, the old tail holes have been filled, too.

Here's that Brazilian rosewood board after leveling it and polishing it up. That pearl really snaps, now...! After fretting I'll polish the board up with a dot or two of lemon oil and get that classic Gibson look going on this.