Workshop: Fend-National?

I like to do similar projects at the same time. This is a National style 0 neck that I was working on while I was doing the fretwork on the J-45 in the last post. It had a warped neck and needed to be refretted. These are from last night as I was prepping it to do the frets at the same time as the J-45.

 Here's the warp that needs to be dialed-out of the neck.

So after pulling the frets, I leveled it with my sanding beam, pulled the binding off (after, so I sanded it at the same height as the board -- use your grey matter!), and then recut the fret slots to an even depth.

While common sense would say "stain the board again," I think this will look excellent with a "Tele style" obviously-maple board, and it'll age gracefully rather than tearing out color the moment someone starts actually playing it. There's just enough finger-wear left on the board after sanding to lend it some authenticity.

It'll also look real nice against the shiny nickel-silver plated body.

Here's the board after the finish is on it -- feels silky and smooth.