1960s Teisco-made Hollowbody Electric Guitar

These Japanese-made boxes (pretty sure this is a Teisco make) pop up all the time on eBay and the like. This one was brought in by a customer of mine for a setup and replacement whammy bar and after work it actually turned out just fine despite a few condition issues. I didn't snag a soundclip but the tone is definitely that 60s jangle I associate with Teisco single coils plus a bit more fundamental thump. It's fun!

The body style on this seems to be a rip of Fender's Coronados mixed with a healthy dose of overabundant 4-ply tortoise. Ironically, the shorter 24 3/4" scale makes this feel more "Gibson" in the hands.

The zero fret was actually at just about the right height, though the neck has a small twist/bit of relief despite cranking down the truss rod. Someone (thankfully) replaced the original tuners a while back.

Big old pearl dots in a rosewood board...

The bridge is a lot like a Fender Mustang bridge and the different slots allow for easy string-spacing changes.

The whammy is next to useless with the worn-out spring that's in it but at least (if you have a light touch) you can get some tune-stable warble. The old bar I had in my parts bin was a decent match for it.


Motorbuffalo said…
What in heck is that guitar-shaped contraption in the background of some of these pictures?