Happy Holidays & Weird Hours

Happy Holidays everyone! I sent a fiddle neck for Ms. Gail to use on her hard cider pull for the Cold Hollow restaurant up near Stowe and she sent me a couple bottles of her British-style hard cider back. How's about that for Seasonal Cheer, eh? Looks good on the work bench, too!

In other news: we will be CLOSED tomorrow (Sunday the 20th) through our usual "off" Mon & Tues but will be open again for limited hours on Wednesday the 23rd and Thursday the 24th. After that we may be open regular hours on the 26th and 27th (Sat/Sun). I will update on that when I get a chance.

I'll still be answering emails and whatnot during the holiday madness so don't fear: your messages are getting through, but I can't guarantee a completely speedy response to urgent messages as there's going to be a lot of busy-ness around here!