Happy New Year, indeed!

Well, sheesh, I'm back on the job! The store is open for regular hours, now, though after this week we're shifting to a new schedule where we'll be opened Tuesdays and closed Sundays. I'll update the hours on the contact page as soon as I can. By the way -- what a busy day it was! It was nice to catch-up with everyone who stopped by today.

Next up? I'm getting back to your emails -- I promise! It's been family-tied up here all around and lots of fun, but I'm trying to get it all back in the saddle.

Next up after that? Several items will be up on the inventory as soon as I can get a chance, including that Vega 5-string and a traded-in fancy Oscar Schmidt 20s soprano uke -- and whatever else I've managed to miss over the holiday break.

So, thank you everyone again for a wonderful and very busy last year, and here's to hoping I can wrap up a ton of repairs in this "slow season" and get a bit more eye-candy out for the browsers. Best to you all!