Workshop Note #9

We started our first Tues-Sat schedule this week and it's been going well -- and busy! I joke with customers and consignors that the holiday season in December is usually cricket-country as far as sales go -- and it is slow -- but that it picks up in late January and early February when we've all paid for the gits we bought for family, wives, and girlfriends (or, rather, husbands and spoiled boys).

Well, my quiet work week was put off course with a flurry of stuff to mail out -- so thanks to all you recent customers confusing me with early January purchases!

Anyhow, that's pushed-back some cool repairs I hope to show off tomorrow (sun still dies-out too early for afternoon photos up here) including a bruised-but-lovely '52 Gibson Southern Jumbo, Harmony all-mahogany tiple, and Harmony cowboy-stencil guitar.

In other news: I took down the listing for the Vega 5-string because I wanted a few days to pick on it and decide without pressure. I've put it back up again because I realized once again that there's only so many instrument types I can really focus for practice on in my "spare time" these days!