1950s Martin Style 1 Soprano Uke

This is a customer's uke and it came in for some crack cleating, a light fret level/dress, and setup. It now plays spot-on and has that classic, clean, sweet Martin sound.

It's interesting to note that while this appears to be a 50s uke by its features and has the 50s-style tuners, some of the look (ie, the odd black binding) reminds me more of 40s Martin ukes that've been in the shop before. It's obviously been well-played (check out the fingerwear at the upper bout!) and that means the tone is well-loved and open as well.

These have the T-frets that Martin started using after 1935. Like all style 1s, the uke is solid mahogany throughout with a rosewood fretboard and ebony saddle and nut. Please excuse a bit of metal dust around the fret edges from the fretwork...!

The long hairline crack on the back, a slightly detached back brace, and two shorter cracks at the back's waist were the main worry on this instrument. They've all been cleated where necessary and drop-filled/sealed as well.

It looks like there was a retailer's decal at the back of the headstock at some point in the past.