1950s United-made Baritone Ukulele

Strangely enough, I always think of this model of baritone uke as the "Bobby Henshaw" uke. The reality is that these were made by United in New Jersey -- as far as I can tell -- and their sturdy build means that they generally survive pretty well. This one is a customer's instrument and was in for a neck reset, fret level/dress, and general setup. As a result, this one has a nice tall, full-height saddle and plays right "on the dot."

No cracks, solid mahogany throughout, and Brazilian rosewood board and bridge -- not bad specs!

These have a wider nut and more substantial C-shaped neck profile than most other period baris. The bone nut is new.

The dots are actual pearl. The frets were all uneven and the board had a slight twist to it so the level/dress job was fairly heavy. They're all good to go, now, however.

The original plastic saddle was easily reused.