1990s Dusty Strings D10 Hammered Dulcimer

Curiously enough, there's a hammered dulcimer in the shop! The D10 is Washington-based Dusty Strings' solid-wood 12/11 model and is in production to this day. This one is in great, lightly-used shape and only shows a little bit of wear here and there.

Its top and back are solid mahogany (or sapele?) while the blocks for the pins are maple and the "sides" are walnut. The stand is all maple and works like a charm.

The instrument sounds glorious but I'm certainly not qualified to demo it.

There's no dating on the instrument but the serial, compared to other dated D10s, seems to suggest 90s manufacture.

 There are no cracks, the soundboard is in great shape, and the satin finish reveals barely any usewear.

The hammers come with it (one side hard -- the ebony -- and one side felted -- the maple) and are in good shape, though I had to glue-up one which had a hairline split near the head.

An original gigbag comes with it (these are around $150 on their own).

Also: instructional material and a tuning wrench...