2000s Chinese-made "Penny Hollowbody Electric" Guitar

So, my buddy John pops in for an hour or so and this is what we make his "purchased for a penny online" Chinese plywood box into. Its bridge was junk held on by two screws (summarily removed), the tuners were junk (and replaced with old Grover Rotos), and he wanted to make it electric. Oh-ho-kay!

In my parts bin, luckily, was a Tele pup yanked out of a Squier and one of those humbucker-size surrounds to fit it. I used my Dremel to quickly cut a hole, installed it, popped a jack on the face, and away we go! It's actually got a very cool tone with absurd natural "reverb" coming through the signal off of the extra string length and thin, cheap, added tailpiece.

The "professional bridge" is parts-bin rummage from an old 30s cowboy guitar of some sort or another. It was, actually, the perfect height and spacing so I compensated it quickly and popped it on.

Mr. John is going to get around to painting something on the guitar in the future, too, so there was no need to pretty it up or anything.

I know -- Rotomatics on this? Well, my parts-bins are littered with '70s Rotomatics that I've removed on guitars they look horrible on. They work, but they're not my taste. So -- this!

By the way -- I only share silly work like this to give ideas about how to recycle these "guitar-shaped-objects." The end result, with its weird wide nut and 24 1/4" scale, is actually pretty cool and individual heard through an amp -- so long as you're not looking at it! This warm/dead-sounding ply box was also the perfect foil for the brittle-sounding Squier pickup, too.