2011 Ibanez Artcore AGR73T Hollowbody Electric Guitar

This as-new, Korean-made guitar clearly apes a whole number of different 50s/60s-style hollowbody electrics. The white-sparkle finish, gold hardware, and massive Bigsby recall Gretsch makes while the mini-humbuckers and control layout feel very Gibson. I'm pretty sure it's wearing 11s and, through those mini-hums, the tone is fairly dark and warm -- perfect for someone going the clean/jazz route or, on the flipside, someone adding a bit of gain and wanting to maintain a fundamental sort of sound after adding color.

I gave it a good setup when it came in as it looks like it'd never been shop-adjusted. I'm amazed, frankly, at what you can get for a $600 new guitar like this, these days. It has a very, very clean build (with binding everywhere), a stable and comfortable neck, and overall a good, solid feel. The Bigsby-style trem even manages to keep itself in tune (within reason) -- thanks in no small part to a roller-style TOM bridge.

While I'm a vintage nut, I certainly wouldn't be turned-off to use something like this at a show. The sparkle and outsized image (despite 15 3/4" lower bout and thin depth) would definitely have some presence.

The nut is 1 11/16" and the neck is a fast, C-shaped profile. The frets are regular "medium" stock and all in good order. This guitar is, basically, as-new.

The Ricki-looking mini-hum cases give a definitively vintage look to it.

Note the roller bridge -- useful when you have a whammy sitting under it. I've marked where the back edge of the bridge should be with pencil marks, however, as eventually someone's going to knock the bridge about.

I find nothing wrong with this Bigsby-style unit. It's built tough and well.

The f-holes even have multi-ply binding... sheesh...!

The original hard case shows a few light scuffs and usewear but is in great shape.