2013 National Reso-Phonic Reso Rocket Wood Body Resonator Guitar

This 3-year-old Reso Rocket WB ("wood body") packs a punch. The newer wood-bodied Nationals are great builds in that they combine the punch and stability of the old metal-bodied Nationals plus the light weight and warmth of the better old wood-body models. There's no doubt about it, however, in that these new wood-bodied Nat'ls have much higher-quality bodies than most of the old ones. They both feel and are sturdy -- and they don't slip off of your knee from odd weight distribution.

This one was in for a setup which included compensating the saddle and adjusting the action. I find these new Nat'ls a bit curious in that the truss rods sometimes adjust one way and sometimes adjust the other way to dial relief in/out. It can be confusing at first. This one adjusts the "normal way" in that backbow is added when adjusting "clockwise" looking down from the headstock towards the guitar.

The deco styling takes a cue from the original old Kay-body El Trovadors and the soundholes, of course, are imported directly from the Tricones. With a 12-fret, cutaway design you get the balance and familiarity (as well as much of the airspace) of a 12-fret National while also having some thankful access up the neck. The deco theme also manages to pull the effect off a little more sedately than your average cutaway guitar, too.

The body is mahogany.

The headstock veneer is, as usual, classy. This has the usual modern 1 13/16" nut width and vintage 25" scale length.

The ivoroid binding contrasts nicely with the red-brown satin finish.

I can't overstate it: the removable bridge cover/wrist-rest makes all the difference in setup ease.

 The tuners mimic old Waverly units from the 20s and 30s.