1950s DeArmond Model 400 Archtop Tenor Guitar Pickup

Ah -- the famed "monkey on a stick" pickup! This one is chrome and black and made for an archtop tenor guitar (4 strings) but, with the "stick" cut down, it will also fit mandolins as well. That might be a crime against pickup history, however!

Here's how it mounts to an instrument. This Harmony tenor doesn't have a raised fingerboard extension so would only work at the bridge on this guitar, but the "Stick" allows it to be neck-mounted on any archtop tenor with a raised fingerboard extension.

These are rare, quite sought-after, pickups. I'll try and update the post in just a bit with an ohm reading, too, but it's 100% original, 100% functional, and ready to go. The volume pot doesn't even have any crackle.


Anonymous said…
Hello I am looking to buy a deArmond monkey on a stick for tenor guitar.
Send me an email: Rseringhaus@wlu.ca