1960s Luna-made Bobby Henshaw Soprano Uke

This is a friend's uke from his childhood and it was in for a bridge reglue, brace and crack repairs, light fret work, and a setup. I'm fairly certain it was made in Japan by Luna for the "Bobby Henshaw" brand and it's an ultra-lightweight, quite loud, solid-wood instrument. I'm not entirely sure what wood is used for the body but it seems awfully soft and is used for top, back, and sides. Tonally it's got a sweet, warm, and low-sustain response.

The neck profile is flat, wide, and thin (front to back) which gives this uke a 30s-50s "Hawaiian" feel in the Kamaka sense. In fact -- I would wager that Luna was borrowing Kamaka ideas of building when making this, considering their copycat pineapple ukes.

The last fret is a replacement from my parts-bin.

The binding is "real" but the soundhole's rosette is painted.

Originally the bridge was screwed-down through the middle but I removed that when I reglued it (it's safer that way).